Artistic Maternity Photos

Pregnant belly embraced by loving hands

Embraced by Love

Celebrate this amazing time in your life by taking a few artistic maternity photos. Ideally, you'll want to schedule your photo session during your sixth or seventh month. At this time, you'll be visibly pregnant, but probably not big enough to feel extremely uncomfortable while posing.

Holding hands over your belly in a heart shape is a simple, yet very popular pose for maternity photos. It's also rather romantic if baby's other parent joins in the embrace.

First family photo

First Family Photo

A picture frame can be used as a clever prop for family photos that include you and your unborn baby.

Flower held against a pregnant belly

Bloom and Grow

Flowers symbolize life, growth and change, which makes them great additions to artistic maternity photos.

Baby blocks on pregnant belly

It's a Boy!

Use baby blocks to spell a message on your pregnant belly. This can be a very clever way to announce the gender of your child.

Husband kissing wife's pregnant belly

A Timeless Treasure

Black and white maternity photos have a timeless and elegant feel. An image of a husband kissing his wife's pregnant belly expresses a deep sense of love and commitment.

Boy hugging his unborn sibling

Sibling Love

Getting siblings involved in the photo shoot can be a great way to help them feel connected to the new baby. A photo of a little child hugging an unborn sibling is bound to become a family treasure.

Pregnant woman sprawled across an armchair in the forest

Earth Mother

Have your partner haul an armchair outside and set up a glam shot worthy of Mother Nature herself. This kind of pregnancy portrait is sure to turn heads.

Heart of daisies on a pregnant belly

Heart of Daisies

Another study in black and white, this heart-shaped ring of daisies on the mom-to-be's belly provides a sweet and whimsical way to show love for the baby on the way. This photo would also look just as nice with colored film.

Pregnant woman standing in a field at sunrise or sunset

Sunrise, Sunset

The golden glow of light at sunrise or sunset can help you set up a beautiful shot for your maternity memory book.

Maternal angel

Maternal Angel

Several yards of sheer fabric wrapped around your undressed body and held up behind you can create the impression of angel wings. This gives the shot an ethereal look that's simply lovely.

Pregnant belly painted to look like a hatching egg

Body Paint Fantasy

If you want to create a pregnancy photo that's truly unique, consider experimenting with non-toxic body paint. The cute fantasy design shown here makes it look like the mom-to-be is holding a hatching egg. A photo like this will certainly become the most memorable maternity photo your friends and family have ever seen.

Zen mom-to-be

Serene Mom-to-Be

If you practice yoga, try striking a pose that shows off your beautiful baby bump. A feeling of serenity really shines through in the photo shown here.

Pregnant woman laying in bed

Pregnant and Beautiful

Pregnancy lends a woman a very special kind of beauty. Don't be afraid to capture that look in a non-traditional portrait that shows your sensuous side as well. Fertility is a beautiful thing.

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Artistic Maternity Photos