Things to Do When You Are 9 Months Pregnant

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Pregnancy Does Not Last Forever

When you are 9 months pregnant it can seem like you have been pregnant forever and will be pregnant forever. The truth is that the next few days and weeks are going to rush by so fast that they will likely be a blur when you look back on them.

You feel huge, you are uncomfortable, and it seems like just moving from one room to another is exhausting. You seem to spend more time in the bathroom than you do anywhere else and finding a comfortable position is nearly impossible. Here are some ideas that will help you get through this endless time whether this is your first pregnancy or your tenth.

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Pack Your Bag

Get your suitcase ready for the hospital a few weeks before you give birth. That way, when you're in a rush to head to the hospital you won't forget anything important. Include the following items:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Picture ID and insurance card
  • Bathrobe
  • Nightgown
  • Socks and slippers
  • An MP3 player
  • Cell phone charger
  • Snacks
  • Comfortable bras and underwear
  • One outfit for going home
  • Brush and comb
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Pack a Bag for Your Labor Coach

When the time comes to go to the hospital, your labor coach will be in as big of a hurry as you. Help your labor coach remember everything he or she needs by packing the following items a few weeks before delivery:

  • Snacks
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Camera
  • Camera charger/batteries and memory card
  • Money for parking and vending machines
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Sleep Late

Babies have odd ideas about sleep and rest. It may be a while before you get the change to sleep late or lounge in bed. Make the most of every opportunity while you can.

Stack of diapers

Stock the Nursery

The baby is going to need a few things when he or she is born. Have some essentials prepared to smooth baby's transition home, including:

  • A car seat
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • A few onesies
  • A few outfits
  • Blankets
  • Burp cloths
  • Diaper bags
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby shampoo/soap
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby towels
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Go Swimming

A swim can be very relaxing and refreshing. The water supports the weight of the baby and you have the opportunity to feel weightless for a change.

Pumping gas

Prepare Your Vehicle

The last thing you want to do when you're in labor is stop for gas. Keep your car gassed up and ready to go during the last month of your pregnancy so you can get to the hospital quickly without any extra stops.

Infant car seat

Install a Car Seat

You'll need your car seat installed before you can bring your baby home from the hospital. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly secure the seat, and practice taking the carrier in and out of the car a few times.

Book on couch

Reading Is Relaxing

Being able to sit down and concentrate on reading a book can be a luxury for a new mom. Take the time now to put your feet up and read all of those books on your list that you haven't had time for.

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Take a Walk

Being out in the sunshine can cheer you up. Walking is great for those ligaments and joints and best of all it can help to get labor going strong.

Some people claim that if you are having light or irregular contractions, walking with one foot up on a curb will help establish labor.

Baby sleepers on a clothes line

Wash Your Baby's Clothes

Wash all your baby's clothes and linens before he or she uses them with a gentle, detergent-free laundry soap to protect his or her delicate skin.

Hospital corridor

Get to Know the Hospital

Take a tour of the hospital's birthing facilities. You may also want to find a route and alternate route to the hospital and practice them each a few times.

Romantic picnic dinner

Romantic Dinner

Odd as it may sound right now, your life is about to get very busy. You will find that there are things you just don't get a chance to do, or do as easily as you can right now.

Before the baby comes is the time to take time for yourself and your partner. Go out for a romantic dinner or to see a movie.

Foot bath

Spa Day

Pamper yourself! When you call to make your appointment be sure to tell them that you are 9 months pregnant so that they can advise you of any special rates or treatments you are eligible for. There may also be certain services that you should not get.

Chopping vegetables

Cook Ahead

You're going to be busy in the first few weeks after the baby comes. If you are feeling energetic, make some meals you can freeze and thaw once the baby is here. Meals that freeze well include:

  • Casseroles
  • Pasta sauce
  • Soups
  • Muffins
  • Quick Breads
Scrapbooking materials

Start a Scrapbook

There will soon be lots of memories to capture. Get a jump start by starting a scrapbook. Gather materials such as the book, scrapbook sheets, glue, stickers, scissors, and stamps, and start collecting memories.

Crocheted baby booties

Select or Create Birth Announcements

You can select birth announcements that only require you to fill in the blanks, or create them on your computer. That way, you'll be ready to share your joyful news with friends and family when the baby arrives.

Woman cradling her pregnant belly

Talk to Your Baby

Let your baby get to know your voice by talking and singing to him or her in the womb. Whether you just talk as you go throughout your day, read books to your baby or sing songs, your baby will learn to recognize your voice. Your partner and the baby's siblings can do the same thing.

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You should know that this time will be over soon. Spend some time daydreaming and just thinking about the exciting changes in your life. You can even try thinking of creative baby names. It won't be long before your bundle of joy will make a grand appearance.

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Things to Do When You Are 9 Months Pregnant