Free Baby Gender Prediction

Jeannie Randall
Boy or girl?

Offers for free baby gender prediction shouldn't be taken too seriously because the tests and methods usually aren't very accurate. Then again, they can be a lot of fun!

Online Quizzes for Fun

You can find several different online quizzes to predict the sex of your baby. Of course, there's no proof that any of the questions have any bearing on your baby's gender, so don't depend on this quiz to tell you what color to paint the nursery. Below are links to some fun gender prediction quizzes.

  • - This fun quiz asks twelve questions about your pregnancy. It offers a prediction regarding the sex of your baby based on your answers.

  • - This ten question quiz can be completed in under five minutes. You will answer questions about your pregnancy and be provided an immediate prediction regarding the gender.

  • - This is a 15 question quiz based on common pregnancy myths. The quiz will calculate your answers and provide a prediction regarding the sex of your child based on those answers.

  • - This 23 question quiz will ask questions regarding behaviors of both the mother and father, as well as timing of conception. The quiz can be completed in under five minutes and will provide a prediction of gender based on your answers.

More Fun

The Pregnancy Gender Quiz on LoveToKnow doesn't make predictions about whether you'll have a boy or a girl. Instead, it features has a combination of multiple choice and true/false questions testing your knowledge of gender selection theories. It can be completed in under five minutes and provides immediate feedback with the correct answers.

Old Wives' Tales

For centuries, people have tried to predict baby gender before birth. Any prediction method that is not backed by scientific evidence is called an old wives' tale. Many people swear these prediction methods worked for their pregnancies.

Early baby gender predictors include:

  • The mother's stomach: If a woman carries the baby high in a large and round belly, she is carrying a girl. A protruding belly carried low indicates a boy. This tale is often not true because a woman's body shape and pre-pregnancy health determine how she carries the baby. Some health conditions, such as uterine fibroids, can also affect the shape of the belly during pregnancy.
  • The mother's face: An expectant mother whose face grows round will have a girl. Some tales also claim that the mother's nose grows longer or wider during pregnancy when a woman has a girl. A woman whose face narrows during pregnancy will have a boy. Despite the tale, weight gain in the face during pregnancy is usually not related to baby gender.
  • Acne: Some believe that pregnancy acne means you will have a girl. However, hormones can cause acne during any pregnancy.
  • Back pain: Back pain may indicate a girl. In reality, back pain can occur during any pregnancy depending on weight gain, baby position, and the condition of your back.
  • Heart rate: A girl baby has a fast heart rate, around 170 beats per minute. A boy baby's heart rate is closer to 150 beats per minute. This is an unreliable prediction method because the baby's heart rate will fluctuate throughout the day.
  • Wedding ring test: Hang your wedding ring from a string and hold it over your belly. If the ring swings in a circle motion, you are having a boy. If the ring swings back and forth, it is a girl.
  • Key test: Pick up a key. If you grabbed it by the top, you are having a boy. If you picked it up by the bottom, the baby is a girl. Picking the key up in the middle means that you will have twins.
  • Drano test: The Drano test is a modern old wives' tale. Pour a tablespoon of Drano in a cup and urinate into the cup. If the urine turns blue, the baby is a boy. If the mixture turns green, you will have a girl. Like the other tales, this does not really hold true.
  • Garlic test: Eat a clove of garlic. If eating the clove makes you exude a strong garlic scent, you will have a boy. If there is little to no odor, you will have a girl.

Chinese Lunar Calendar

If you're interested in Asian legends, try the Chinese Lunar Calendar. All you have to do is enter your own birth date and the date you conceived. The Chinese pregnancy calendar takes a slightly different spin, using your age and the conception month to determine the supposed gender of your baby.

Both methods are based on a 700 year old document supposedly discovered by a Chinese scientist and said to be 99 percent accurate. Don't count on that 99 percent, though. If that were true, every single baby conceived by a 25-year-old woman in the entire month of January 2006 everywhere in the world would be a girl!

What Really Works?

The most foolproof way is to check the unborn baby's DNA, but that requires amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. Those are invasive procedures that do pose a risk to both the mother and baby. Ultrasound pictures give a good guess, but they are not foolproof.

Only your health care provider can really find out the gender of your unborn baby.

Free Baby Gender Prediction