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There are several different types of calendars that can be used to chart the progression of your pregnancy. Some women like to know what is happening on a weekly basis, while others prefer a more general report. No matter what method you choose, a pregnancy calendar provides a convenient way to learn more about how your body is preparing for your child's birth.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Calendars

Pregnancy calendars offer many benefits. If you're a first-time mom, a pregnancy calendar can ease your fears by helping you to better understand the changes in your body. Your partner may find that reading a pregnancy calendar offers valuable insight into the childbirth experience. If you have older children at home, they may enjoy reviewing a pregnancy calendar that charts their new sibling's growth.

Tracking Your Pregnancy Week by Week

Most pregnancy calendars are developed through years of medical research. They reflect the changes that happen throughout the average pregnancy. Since every birth experience is unique, you may notice some variations in your own pregnancy. For example, your baby may be significantly larger or smaller than the pregnancy calendar suggests. You may also experience symptoms that are different than those mentioned in the pregnancy calendar articles. In most cases, this is not a cause for concern.

A week by week guide to what to expect during your pregnancy. Wherever you are at in your pregnancy, we'll help you learn what signs and symptoms you might be experiencing, what preparations you might want to do and the exciting changes that are happening as your baby grows.

Simply click on any week to find out what stage in baby's development it represents and to learn about the changes that will be happening in your body at that time!

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Seeking Proper Medical Care

A pregnancy calendar is not intended to be a substitute for adequate medical treatment. If you have questions about your pregnancy symptoms, your baby's growth, or any possible complications, you should discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider. Since he/she is familiar with your unique medical history, he/she can provide the most accurate information.

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